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होमSPORTSIndia U19 vs Australia U19, Final Australia U19 won by 79 runs

India U19 vs Australia U19, Final Australia U19 won by 79 runs

Domination is defined in the English dictionary as the exercise of power or influence over someone or something, or the state of being so controlled. If that’s too many words to try and explain the meaning of one word, you can just try ‘Australia.’ It isn’t a coincidence that they are the reigning World Cup champions, Test champions, Women’s ODI and T20 World Cup champions and now the U19 WC champs. Something in their cricketing DNA, their systematic structures behind the scenes and their analytic approach towards the game makes them a cut above the rest. Something about the yellow jersey of Australia that makes players peak at the right moment and then poof, carpe diem!!

Once again, it was a left-handed top-order batter with a naturally attacking instinct that proved to be the bane for Indian bowlers. Harjas Singh top scored for Australia with 55 runs, while skipper Weibgen, Dixon and Oliver Peake made telling contributions to allow their team to finish at 253/7. That proved to be too much for the Indian batters on a pitch that offered pace, bowl and plenty of lateral movement. They were tepid in the powerplay, as Arshin Kulkarni and Musheer Khan fell early.

Uday Saharan made a good start but his square drive went straight to backward point. The hero of the semi-final Sachin Dhas was out caught behind and that dwindled any chance of an Indian victory. Adarsh Singh took his time in the powerplay, and although he did score a valuable 47, he chewed up too many balls. The Indian batting, which has been their calling card for most of this tournament, unfortunately failed to show their hand in this all important final.

Clinical! That’s a TLDR description for Australia’s bowling performance today. Callum Vidler was metronomical in the powerplay, bowling two maidens in his first three overs. He gave nothing away and the pressure was already on the Indians by the time Mahli Beardman came in to bowl. Beardman, with his nagging stump lines and skiddy pace managed to coax the Indian batters into making mistakes. And then came the off spin of Raf MacMillan, as he went for the jugular with the wickets of Sachin Dhas and Aravelly. Two cricketing cliches reaffirmed once again in this final. Runs on the board in a big final and batters win you matches, bowlers win you tournaments! Heartbreak for India yet again in a big final, jubilation for Australia.

A note on the Australian celebrations: As soon as the umpire raised his fingers, the players from the dugout bolted towards the pitch. Skipper Hugh Weibgen did his best impression of Michael Vaughan, circa 2005 after winning the Ashes – arms aloft and head looking skywards, letting out a jubilant cry. The players surround the skipper as they huddle up for a moment that’ll be etched in their memories forever. The players now walk towards the stands where their family and traveling supporters greet them with open embraces. It seems like Harjas Singh has his family in the stands, what a day to remember for the Singh household!! What a day for Australian cricket. Just over a month into the year and they’ve already clinched a multi-nation trophy.

Vidler: A memory I’ll definitely remember for the rest of my life. Once in a life time opportunity. Doesn’t matter, we’ve won the World Cup (who’s the quickest bowler in Aussie lineup?).

Beardman: The amount of work we’ve put in over a year or so, it feels surreal. We have to take time to realize what we have done, and standing here feels like a dream come true. We are really strong as mates, the team bonding out here is great.

Mahli Beardman | Player of the Match: Pretty surreal, hasn’t sunk it yet. It is

They have been incredible, we knew it would be a good battle. I backed my short balls and tried to smash it into the wicket. Through DK, I’ve learnt a lot of mental stuff. Thinking about my bowling, thinking about field settings. He’s been incredible, always a pleasure to bowl alongside him. Future goals will be probably the Big Bash, and go back home and try to play some cricket for my state.

Straker: Great feeling. We’ve worked for a year for this. We’ve been in Brisbane, been to England, all for this moment, and it’s finally come. We’re all good mates (fast bowlers). We all want to play with each other. Love the four quicks playing. I won’t be leading the celebrations but I’ll be joining in.

Konstas: Lost for words. Been an amazing journey. India were so good, they are the benchmark. To get the win, I’m so proud of the boys. Was a great team effort. Credit to our coaches. They’ve been amazing. We just stuck to our plans and processes.

Anderson: It’s awesome, what a feeling! You don’t get to play in the World Cup final everyday, so it is awesome. Who plans for these sorts of things (talking about the plans for celebration), we will see where the night takes us I guess.

Kwena Maphaka | Player of the Tournament: Means a lot to me. I will remember about this for the rest of the tournament. I worked on my inswing a lot, that’s what helped me in this tournament.


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