Mike Tomlin: Steelers ‘got kicked in the teeth’ by 49ers

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Mentor Mike Tomlin got straight to the point in the result of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 30-7 destroying on account of the San Francisco 49ers.

“You can’t begin games 0-5 on third down and think that you will have the kind of day that you want,” Tomlin said. “You got to win the profound downs, and it’s only something other than distinguishing that part, man. It was a disappointment on our part, in all areas. We got to mentor better, we got to play better.

We got kicked in the teeth today in a ton of ways.”

As an offense, the Steelers (0-1) changed over on only 5 of 15 third downs, while the 49ers (1-0) changed over on 6 of 13. The Steelers didn’t get a first down until under two minutes stayed in the principal half. The Steelers lost the hour of ownership fight 37:23 to 22:37, and the absence of plays particularly in the main half held the offense back from laying out any kind or musicality or ground game.

“We simply didn’t execute, truly,” quarterback Kenny Pickett said. “I think it was a larger number of us than them. I felt agreeable how the situation was playing out, what they were doing. We simply didn’t execute.”

That absence of execution was to some degree astounding after the Steelers’ beginning offense scored scores on each of the five drives during the preseason. Through the initial five drives against the 49ers, the Steelers had one net yard, no first downs, three dropkicks and a capture.

“I think San Fran’s beginning safeguard is somewhat better compared to certain groups in the preseason we played,” the second-year quarterback said, clearing up the hostile error from the preseason for standard season. “They’re a decent group, yet by the day’s end we didn’t execute even close at the level that we really want to, that we need to.”

Pickett, who finished 31 of 46 endeavors for 232 yards, played his best in the two-minute offense not long before halftime when he coordinated a 95-yard drive covered by a 3-yard Pat Freiermuth score get.

Be that as it may, after a preseason and instructional course where he showed great navigation and precision, Pickett tossed two interferences. He was likewise sacked multiple times. It wasn’t a portion of Pickett’s passes were misguided, it’s that he wasn’t generally in total agreement with his beneficiaries. In the wake of discussing hostile union all through the preseason, Pickett and Freiermuth had a miscommunication on a fourth-down toss to the end zone in the last part, bringing about a promising drive coming up void.

“That occurs,” Pickett said. “Pat saw one way. I saw it the alternate way. It should be a fix, however clearly you put a ton of time in, yet we will hit the nail on the head. I’m not stressed over that. I’m stressed over us remaining together, playing adjusted football, having the option to do what we put a ton of time in to do.”

Like his quarterback, running back Najee Harris, who had 31 yards on six conveys, was hopeful about the group’s capacity to bounce back from this misfortune in front of Monday night’s confrontation against division rival Cleveland.

“We got 16 games left,” Harris said. “We’re not flickering. It’s essential for the game. You will win some, you will lose some. The only thing that is in any way important is the way you will return the following week and win that one. So we’re here, we’re actually invigorated during the current year.”

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